Friday, August 17, 2007

blowland security

i hate the department of homeland security. it seems like an overly beaurocratic inefficiency party to waste a lot of money. the echelon project and patriot act spy systems probably just beeped somewhere for my statements, but beep all you want incompetent fuckers. the reason for my vitriol was caused by a letter i received on monday from the INS telling me to report to their fingerprinting service location on friday at 2pm. IN ANCHORAGE. so, in addition to the $400 application fee i already paid, now i have to put out another 5 g's to fly out of the STATE CAPITAL, which for some reason has no INS-approved fingerprint service, for some clerk to take my fingerprints in 5 minutes. when i called the customer service line, they said my only recourse was to reschedule. it'd still be anchorage, and my application's pushed back 3-4 months. great.

so here i am in anchorage saluting red tape like a good little hopeful US citizen. what a load of crap. but apparently some taxpayers stuck it back to the government and scammed the Department of Defense out of over 20 million. it's kinda funny and infuriating at the same time.



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