Sunday, August 05, 2007

money might not grow on trees

but it readily flows from plastic. my credit card is seing some serious action lately, and it's freaking me out just a bit considering i've spent the last 2 years paying it down to zero. some people pour money into their cars, houses, wardrobe, pets or, for the more lucky and - arguably - mature, their savings. travel and food are the only reasons for my financial exorbitance. fix my busted e-brake? nah. a 3 week trip to bonaire, an island in the netherlands antilles, during high season? yes please. frozen chickens in an economy size bag that'll feed you for a month? yuck. but i'll add that $15 square of handmade, limited-edition blue cheese macerated in pear brandy to my overladen grocery basket.

this dive paradise vacation is actually surprisingly reasonable. a 1st class, roundtrip plane ticket was less than $200 because i used miles. i got this exceed empress 3/2mm jumpsuit for less than $120 after shipping, and no-frills boots oughta be less than $30. between p and his dad, i can borrow the rest of the scuba gear. p's bringing their underwater video camera, and i'm also gonna get housing for my digicam - $192 being the cheapest available for shipping to AK. sure it adds up, but considering that a coach flight from juneau to seattle alone costs about $500, that tally ain't so bad.

our big ticket items were accomodations and a truck rental. we booked at a budget place called happy holiday homes, which has spacious, clean bungalows and consistently great reviews. it's a small, family-run business that caters to divers, just a block inland in a tranquil neighborhood. unlimited shore diving tacks on another $110/week. we will just have to dive our brains out. p wants to do 70 because he's nuts, but i'd be happy with 35-45.

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At 10:18 PM, Blogger Kadonkadonk said...

Word on the street is that no one goes to open mic night anymore, but spread the word that that shit is WRONG! And everyone who is anyone will be at the Alaskan with bells on next Thursday!

Are you still at BBBS?

At 12:02 PM, Blogger valorie said...

wait, next thursday the 23rd or tomorrow thursday?? i can't go tomorrow!! i have this dumb last-minute immigration deal i have to do in anchorage, and i leave early friday morning. how long are you in town? yup i'm still at bbbs.


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