Monday, August 14, 2006

easy peezy

it's amazing what hormones can do. one night i'm bawling over a silly movie that would have merely bored me on a normal evening, and i start analyzing my life and why i'm so melancholy and go through half a toilet roll blowing my nose. the next day, i'm in love with life again and feel like twirling and it's all i can do not to hug a friend to pieces for being so amazingly loyal and just... there.

i went on a mushroom walk with the audobon society over the weekend, and it was really interesting. i learned that you can eat puffballs, but not when they're older and spongier and release spores like breaths of brown faerie dust when you poke them. you can also eat alaska golds if you're adventurous - there are old mushroom hunters, bold mushroom hunters, but no old, bold mushroom hunters - as it causes 50% of people to experience stomach upset, but they're invitingly large and yellow-hued. bolets are a good bet. they live near cottonwoods and instead of gills on the underside, they have pores. the group i went with found a dazzling array of mostly inedibles and unknowns, and in only thirty minutes and a quarter mile, we'd swamped the display table with our colorful finds. the trail where we met up was a pleasant discovery for me too since i'd never been there before, and it's a lovely 4.2 mile run through mist-shrouded forest laden with old man's beard, and the end by brotherhood bridge goes through fireweed meadows.

my life in 5 sentences: my friend is visiting this wednesday from TN. i am contemplating moving out of juneau for a particular job that sounds awesome. but i'm about to move to my dream house rental in 3 weeks, and work is sending me to vegas in a month and a half. the klondike road relay's in less than 4 weeks. i haven't bought any LSAT study guides yet but should probably take the exam by oct. for 2007 admission. my bikini tan makes me smile and think of lazy beach bumming and cute surfers, and all is good again.

Friday, August 11, 2006

live your reality as best you can

comparison creates significance. my favorite. worst. better. "she's prettier than ... he's not as mature as ... " if all things were equal, i might as well be a monk, living in austere simplicity, and never have a romantic relationship. no one, after all, being deserving of more or less love than any other. but i'm not like that, and i do love people/things more or less than others, and when i think of inequality lately and how it serves the purpose of birthing meaning in our lives, i realize there is a beauty and flow to even the hardest of things to swallow. there are better, after all.

the other thing i noticed this past week was the absurd contrast between the realities some people have about their lives and what is actually taking place. in particular with people you trust. one day, you're giggling with a new boyfriend. two weeks later, he gets drunk and tries to sleep with another girl and never tells you about it. all along, you're still having dinner with him, giggling away and watching movies, content as a cow. or, here is someone else flying back to europe to erase from memory his reason for leaving it, to grout the cracks by trying to relive the experience from the start. you can change your reality by (d)eluding it.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

pictures from Mexico part 1?

"It's a brand new day!" *High Five*

Did I listen to the poorly translated sign?

Of course not.

Gorgeous Bahias de Huatulco (one of its isolated beaches was where they filmed part of Y TĂș Mama Tambien)

The Fiesta boat I went on to go snorkeling. Unlimited free beer and conga line dancing!

Lucky horse living in Puerto Escondido, eating grass that fringes Playa Zicatela, the surfers' beach. Oh, and I think you can ride him during the day for a fee, but at night, you could just "borrow" him like I did.


Monday, August 07, 2006

a good tip...

At the "P" (Pioneer) Bar in Sitka, AK on my way down south. I like "something that floats and doesn't bend me over" and "Ask for Tommy".


Friday, August 04, 2006

total recall titty punch

i know what i want to be for halloween this year. i'm going to be hester prynne from the scarlet letter and body paint a giant "A" on my chest because i'm such a whore. or... why wait until the occasion when i could crash a wedding tomorrow where my judge and jury await?

so yep, i left my optimism on las playas de puerto escondido. as well as my bikini bottoms when a rough wave in mazunte flattened me, and the subsequent riptide dragged me over sand. neptune wanted my panties i guess.

on my first night in mexico, i met some locals who took me a strip club called kisses. on my last night in mexico, i danced at the strip club called kisses. sike on the last part; i say it only because some people don't really want the truth, and i give the people what they want. like my crotch.
i don't want to leave mexico
but i've got to go ~pearl jam improv