Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Pancake Bandits

There's a different kind of gang in my neighborhood. I don't think they have colors unless it's a batter brown. We got this in our mailbox the other day, and so did our neighbors: a palm-sized pancake with the typewritten message a la chinese fortune cookie with it that read: "Los Pancake Banditos Est. 2003". I imagine masked people wearing black and white stripes (for some reason, this imagery sticks, maybe because of Mickey D's Hamburglar) sneaking around in the moonlight to drop these off at our houses, using baked goods to brighten our evenings like mad Martha Stewarts. Never before has a pancake tickled me pink. I am hoping for miniature handwoven spruce bark containers of maple syrup to accompany these treats.

In other food item news, Moose baked me a chocolate cake with, "I cheated! Spank me!" written in white icing. I devoured most of it before I thought of taking a picture because it was tasting pretty darn yummy, hence only the "ted!" being visible in this shot. The message was referring to a rigged drinking contest he'd initiated last week when he mistakenly thought he could scam me into cooking him sinigang. We both got our just desserts from that one.



At 1:26 PM, Blogger Etchen said...

I love it! So will you join the Los Pancake Banditos gang or will you retaliate against them? ;-)


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